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We Strive For 100% Customer Satisfaction.

FreeUnlocks.com is a well-proclaimed free cell phone unlocking site, which can unlock almost any cell phone for free. We have unlocked tens of thousands of phones since our inception in 2009 This site unlocks many cell phone models for free upon a customer’s completion of a free (or paid) TrialPay offer. For other phones not listed, please see our homepage or email us by using the form located at the “Contact Us” page above.

Global Service

We unlock almost any phone locked to hundreds of providers worldwide. Please select your phone on our homepage, or contact us if you are not sure if your model is supported.

Working & Genuine Unlock Codes, For Free

Unlocking your phone allows you to use your old/new phone with ANY provider worldwide! Most places charge $10-50 for these, but with us, you can get them COMPLETELY FREE! Seriously, there are NO SCAMS. Our unlocks are ONLY Remote Unlock Codes meaning NO SOFTWARE and NO CABLES ever! They are permanent so they survive any software upgrades that you may wish to do to your phone. Scroll down to see how we do it with TrialPay.

Our unlock codes are delivered at unrivaled speeds, ussually delivered within minutes to your inbox! (Hint: check your junk email if you did not receive your code)

Find out what FreeUnlocks.com's customers are raving about - read genuine reviews here & here. We are confident that you will be satisfied! Give us a try; you won't be disappointed





What is TrialPay and how does it work?


TrialPay is a new way to pay! With TrialPay, all you have to do is complete an offer from one of TrialPay’s advertisers (send flowers from FTD, sign up for Blockbuster Total Access, sign up for a trial of Netflix, and other free offers), and TrialPay uses their advertiser’s revenue to pay for your cell phone unlock codes INSTEAD OF YOU! Check out their website here. Check what the press has to say about TrialPay here!


Why Unlock Your Phone?

Many cell phone providers electronically lock your cell phone (at the purchase of a plan) to restrict you to their service and from going to another provider with the same phone. Specifically, they lock your phone to force you to pay high roaming charges when you go overseas so that you cannot use an international SIM card with your phone. Fortunately, there is a way to unlock your phone LEGALLY in order to use it with any provider! If you are planning to sell your phone in the near future, unlocking your phone may increase its value dramatically! People who buy phones on eBay often look to see if they would be able to use the phone with their own provider. Often, they will not buy your phone because your phone is locked to a specific provider. WE CAN FIX THAT! Many sites offer software unlocks which often involves sending the phone in to the company to unlock it, but with us, not only does it NOT INVOLVE SOFTWARE and it is 100% LEGAL, but you get it COMPLETELY FREE! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


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